SERV Ox Bucks Berks N'hants Blood Bikes

What we do and why

Firstly we hope you never have cause to need the services supplied by SERV OBN.

During normal working hours, the blood transfusion service provide their own transportation to move Blood, Plasma, Tissue Samples, Documentation and other vital supplies to where they are needed. Outside of working hours this service is not available to the hospitals, this is where the blood bike volunteers come in.

Without the Blood Bikes, if urgent medical supplies were required hospitals and care homes etc. would have to rely upon Private Hire Taxi Companies, Couriers and in exceptional circumstances, Emergency Services.

SERV-OBN provide an out of hours service which not only saves a substantial amount of money, but money that can be passed on to provide more appropriate frontline patient care such as nurses and equipment.

Although bikers and sometimes car drivers are providing the actual transport of blood there are other critical roles in SERV OBN. The charity also needs Controllers take the calls from hospitals, then reach out to the volunteers to see who can deliver. Like all charities fundraisers pay a vital part in keeping the bikes on the road.