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Upgrade notice

Hi, I am aware of a few formatting issues and updates I need to make as a result of the recent change. I hope to get these fixed over the next day or so, so bear with me….

Know Issues

Fixed Issues


  • All functional Dashboards have been added
  • Updated code to allow users to change Passwords


  • Change User Password not working issue resolved
  • Distorted Hospital Image on Hospital page on mobile devices.


  • Formatting for latest news section on mobile devices updated
  • All Available hospital information has now been added to the hospital section.


  • Issue with two shop links being shown when logged in
  • Incorrect Labels on menu (Contract)
  • A number of in-page typos in membership area
  • Hospital Section Added (Content on Hospitals to follow only Amersham at present added)
  • Mobile navigation added (added)
  • Member Lookup overflowing page width in mobile devices (fixed)
  • Some formatting issues around the Members Dashboard (fixed)
  • There are a number of formatting issues on the shop page (fixed)

I will update this post as issues are added/cleared

Andy W