SERV Ox Bucks Berks N'hants Blood Bikes

Royal Berkshire Hospital (RBH)

Address: London Road, Reading

Blood, Platelets & Plasma: 0118 322 5111 (switchboard) and ask for Bleep 298

Samples 24/7 reception: 0118 322 7708

Routes Included: From the West, including West Berkshire Community Hospital (WBC) and Newbury Care Homes
From the South, i.e. Wokingham Community Hospital (WoCH)
From the East, i.e. Wexham Park Hospital (WPH)

Special Instructions:

There are now different drop off points for Blood Boxes and Samples but they
are next to each other once you get inside the hospital. Both have a bell to call,
if there is no answer at the Blood door try the samples bell and ask them to
alert the Blood technicians. If no answer at either use the above phone
numbers . ALL Samples can be handed to a technician through the Samples


Change History:

1 Dec 2022: updated delivery instructions for Care Home Samples @ RBH

9 Feb 2023: directions for Temporary Drop off

31 Aug 2023: update on latest sample drop off access

8 Sep 2023: New drop off point added and Temp files removed.

16 Sep 2023: Amended details added to drop off procedure