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Mileage allowance change

Dear All,

In light of the charity’s current shortage of 4x4s, and the recent rises in fuel and other costs, the Board Of Trustees has agreed an immediate increase in the pence per mile that can be claimed by a member when using their own vehicle. The changes are reflected in the mileage expense page (1st page) of the expense claim form on the SERV OBN website where you will find there are now two drop down fields to identify vehicle type and reason for claim. Please ensure that you fill all four columns on each line of the claim. The total amount being claimed appears at the bottom of the page. As a result the expense claim form on Dropbox is now removed. If you have any difficulty making a claim via the website please email me.

The updated pence per mile are:

  1. Using own motorcycle 24p per mile
  2. Using own car 35p per mile
  3. Using own vehicle to tow bike trailer 40p per mile
  4. using own vehicle to tow show trailer 45p per mile

Currently mileage can be claimed for all duties where you use your own vehicle regardless of the status of the weather. If you choose not to claim we would encourage you to still complete an expense claim which you can mark as a donation so that the charity can claim the extra 25% gift aid. The expense form has an option to make it a donation at the point of submitting the claim.