SERV Ox Bucks Berks N'hants Blood Bikes


This update details some operational changes relating to Northampton General and Wexham Park Hospitals. The changes are as follows:

  1. Northampton: John Radcliffe have reverted to the older, larger, Va-Q-Tek boxes for deliveries to NGH. These boxes are slightly larger than the current large box however both the racks on the bikes and the box covers were originally redesigned in 2011 to accommodate these very boxes. So they will fit on the rack and your vehicle should have box covers large enough. Please note that the box covers that fit these boxes either have a RED string or have a label inside that identifies them as SERV 3. For clarity here are two photos showing the box and cover.
  1. Wexham Park Hospital: There are two issues with access to the Pathology Laboratory at Wexham Park. These are:
    2.1. The main entrance doors are from now on closed after 22:00. Access will be granted by use of a buzzer and intercom system located beside the door. Further details will be issued once the next rider goes there and sends some photos.
    2.2. Access to the Pathology Laboratory itself is restricted by temporary construction work. As you get to the end of the main corridor and turn left you will encounter the blockage. At this point you have two choices:
    a) Call the hospital operator from you mobile and ask for the on-call haematologist who will either come to meet you or explain how to get to the alternative door
    b) Posted on the barrier to the construction is a map detailing how to get to the alternate door. Again I am waiting for the next rider to send me a photo so I can share it with you.