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A43 closures

The A43 will be closed at night for the next two weeks at the A43/A5 roundabout. This closure will affect the routes to Kettering General (KGH) and Northampton General (NGH). As a result riders and drivers who are heading to one of these hospitals are recommended to take the following diversion which starts by following the route to Milton Keynes then branches off the A421 when you get to the A413.

This link to google map shows the detour for the JR to NGH route. The notes below cover when during the detour ends and when you re-join the preferred route to either hospital.

For Routes to NGH and KGH:

  1. Follow preferred route to Milton Keynes (MKG) up the A43 and then turn right towards Milton Keynes on the A421
  2. For Kettering (KGH) or Northampton (NGH) follow A421 until the junction with the A413
  3. Take first exit (left) on to A413 to Milton Keynes North (A422), Towcester (A5)
  4. Stay on A413 across one roundabout then at second roundabout take third exit (right) to Milton Keynes North A422, Towcester (A5)
  5. Follow A422 across one roundabout then at roundabout junction with A5 take second exit (straight) to (M1 North) Northampton A508
  6. Follow A508 through the town of Roade, keeping left at roundabout in Roade staying on A508
    7 Continue to junction with M1 junction 15.
  7. Continue over M1 to join A45 and the preferred routes to Northampton and Kettering


  1. Reverse the above route