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Dear All,

The A43 will be closed this weekend for the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone. The closures are traffic related so may, or may not, be in place at various times of the day. If you have specific knowledge of the area at the time of your journey you may be able to get through however, to save on frustration, I suggest that you use the following detour if you are asked to take product between JR and Northampton (NGH), Kettering (KGH) or Milton Keynes (MKG). Controllers will be expecting you on that detour so if you choose to take a different route please advise your Controller BEFORE you set off.

This link to Google Maps,, shows the suggested detour for the JR to NGH route. The notes below cover when during the detour you are re-joining the regular preferred route to each of the hospitals.

For Routes From JR to MKG, NGH and KGH:

  • Follow the preferred route from JR to the junction of the A34 and the M40 (Wendlebury J9).
  • Instead of taking the M40 continue straight on to the A41 towards Bicester.
  • When you get to Bicester, just before Bicester Village, turn right to continue on the A41 Bicester Ring Road.
  • At the first roundabout take the second exit on to the A4421 which is a continuation of the Bicester Ring Road.
  • Follow the A4421 over 4 roundabouts then at the 5th roundabout continue on the A4421 by turning right
  • Follow the A4421 until you reach a roundabout junction with the A421. Turn right onto the A421 towards Milton Keynes
  • You are now on the preferred route to MKG if that is your destination. If not follow the instructions below for NGH and KGH
  • For Northampton (NGH) or Kettering (KGH) follow the A421 until the roundabout junction with the A413
  • Take first exit (left) on to A413 to Milton Keynes North (A422), Towcester (A5)
  • Stay on A413 across one roundabout then at second roundabout take third exit (right) to Milton Keynes North A422, Towcester (A5)
  • Follow A422 across one roundabout then at roundabout junction with A5 take second exit (straight) to (M1 North) Northampton on the A508
  • Follow A508 through the town of Roade, keeping left at roundabout in Roade staying on A508
  • Continue to junction with M1 junction 15
  • Continue straight over M1 to join A45 which will eventually merges with the preferred routes to both Northampton (NGH) and Kettering (KGH) on the Nene Valley Way


Reverse the above route



Guy Lipscomb

Operations Manager