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Membership Renewal for 2024

Your annual membership renewal is due!

This year, as part of the rigour around charities and we have introduced a set of Refresher Quizzes. These have to be successfully completed before you can renew your membership.

Please follow the steps set out below:-

Step 1: Complete the relevant Refresher Quiz(zes) by following the link(s) below. Once you have already completed all the the required quiz(zes) successfully the link to the Membership Renewal Form will be enabled.

Step 2: Complete the Membership Renewal Form, if you are a rider/driver then you will also need to provide your DVLA Check code (DVLA Check Code) and the last part of your Driving License Number – as previous years so you may want to obtain this first (make sure you write down the Check Code exactly as displayed). Once completed you will be returned to this page.

Step 3: Once your have completed the Quiz(zes) and the Membership Renewal Form you can follow the link to make your payment using your credit Card card/Debit card or PayPal by clicking on the PayPal logo once this is displayed. If you prefer to make payment by Internet Banking you can do so, but you must inform the membership secretary separately.

Membership Form
Membership Fee