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    As a Full Member you may carry out operational and non-operational activities subject to training requirements and being active in each specific role during the preceding 12 months to remain cleared to carry out each of those roles and will benefit from all membership rights such as voting at the AGM.

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    I consent to SERV OBN holding my personal information and understand that it may be used to enable the charity to carry out it's activities including but not limited to audits from authorised external organisations Your address and phone number may be shared with other members for operational purposes. Note: SERV OBN will not pass on your personal details to any third party without your express consent except where required to comply with operational and legal requirements.

    I will not pass on any personal information received from the organisation without the express consent of that individual except to comply with operational and/or legal requirements

    I will ensure that any personal information received from the organisation is kept securely under lock and key or by using password/biometric encryption where stored electronically and I will advise the Trustees immediately in the event this is compromised.

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    The Annual subscription for SERV OBN Membership is £10.00 (as ratified at the 2018 AGM).
    An electronic invoice will be sent out upon acceptance of your application

    I agree to abide by the charity's processes, policies & procedures and will not bring the charity into disrepute; I understand that a breach of this agreement may result in suspension or expulsion from the organisation.