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Fundraiser Quiz (draft)



Key aspects to aid fund raisers in responding to donors. The lead at any event should still be the go-to person for accurate and complete responses to questions

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What do we carry?

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Who pays for fuel?

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What naming convention do we have on the Fleet vehicles?

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What special privileges do we have in using the fleet vehicles?

  1. We are normal road users with no highway code exemptions
  2. We can use blue lights
  3. We can go through red lights
  4. We can exceed the speed limits
  5. Our fleet vehicles have concession to use bus lanes in Oxford

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If asked “I’d like to donate but I have no cash …” how might you respond?

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Are there any age restrictions on volunteers?

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If asked “I ride a bike, what do I need to join?” how would you respond?

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How do we fundraise for SERV-OBN?

  1. Members can participate in SERV-OBN events on the website Events Calendar
  2. Individual  fundraising for SERV-OBN which is covered for public liability and risk assessed
  3. Any individual or organisation can donate to SERV-OBN, for instance via our website
  4. In response to formal invitations to do presentations about the work of SERV-OBN

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How are the fleet vehicles allocated?

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Does SERV-OBN have any corporate sponsorship?

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How many people and vehicles are involved in SERV OBN?

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How do the volunteers get assigned to duties?

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What happens to the cash SERV OBN collect at events?

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What size area do we cover?

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What are our primary hours of operation?

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You are asked “How do I give blood?

How should you respond?

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What are the basic duty  periods for volunteers?

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Do we get any government or NHS funding for SERV OBN activities?

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What commitment do we expect from our volunteers?

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What do we cover during daytime?

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