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Human Donor Milk

One of our lesser-known cargoes Blood Bike volunteers also transport human donor milk.

Sick or Premature Babies are at risk of suffering from a fatal bowel condition; Donated breast milk can increase their chances of survival by a factor of 10

“I am just writing to thank all the lovely volunteers that help with the milk bank collections and to tell you about the exciting changes. The new Intensive care unit has nowopened increasing the number of babies to 50 at any one time. Therefore the unit has got a lot more hungry mouths to feed. Due to the amount of milk this is creating we are getting our 2nd pasteuriser installed doubling the amount we can process at any one time.

This will be very beneficial as we will be able to tell the exact quality of the milk and ensure very sick/ premature babies receive the most calorific milk. Although this is all very exciting for me and the neonatal unit, without your generosity in helping get the milk in to us none of it would be possible.

Therefore I would like to thank you all again for your help in providing this truly beneficial milk to the sick and premature babies both in our care and at our neighboring hospitals.”

Amanda Wood
Milk Bank Administrator